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CERES Telecom Solution

From the year 2002 we are fragmented our business with total Telecom solution. We are supporting our Telecom operator as well as Telecom service provider as a product sourcing and supply agent for their smooth operation.

Mainly we deal with

  • Telecom Test equipments
  • Telecom and electrical Cables and connectors
  • Tools for telecom operation
  • Electric and hand tools

We are dealing with world famous barnd product and as per customer choice. Whatever they need any product we are ready to provide them the product from the any where the world.

Products are:

Telecom Test equipment:

a. Ethernet Test equipment: No matter where you are, no matter where you're going, CERES has the right Ethernet testing solutions to support your growth. Each family of products is optimized for a particular type of network and use. Yet, they all work together seamlessly, making it easy to put together the perfect toolkit for your network.

b. Cable TV Testing: With rapidly growing demand for cable-based Voice over IP (VoIP), HSD Internet, and digital video services, service providers are facing major delivery and reliability challenges. Rolling out these new services requires operators to fully characterize every aspect of their cable networks, from the head end to the home. CERES has outstanding portfolio of Network Analysis Tools allows system operators to ensure network quality and deliver next-generation services with confidence.

c. Access Testing: CERES provide Access products shape the way access technologies are deployed. Always on the leading edge of new technological developments, Access products enable service providers to cost-effectively and quickly roll out new services in the access network. The flagship Modular Test Toolkit (MTT) leads the industry in its breadth and versatility for access testing.

d. Transport Testing Maintaining legacy networks and installing next-generation transport networks requires comprehensive testing coverage. CERES providers a complete set of test solutions for high-speed transport networks. Our solutions effectively “future-proof” the service provider’s investment in testing equipment, while increasing field technicians’ efficiency and productivity.

e. Copper & Optics Testing CERES provide latest set of copper and optics test solutions eases installation, speeds deployment and decreases cost of ownership while ensuring the up-to-date testing requirements meet users’ strict expectations. With physical layer testing products, service providers can quickly deploy a wide variety of high quality, high bandwidth networks. We provide Optics products which reach beyond field testing and create ideal optical test solutions for central office/exchange and laboratory environments

f. Protocol Monitoring & Troubleshooting With a long history of industry innovation, CERES provide protocol solutions which playing a key role in helping wireless and wireline operators transition to converged networks with multimedia services. From portable troubleshooting analyzers to distributed, end-to-end monitoring platforms, Telecom’s protocol solutions are also quickly becoming the industry standard in helping operators achieve success in their Customer Service Assurance (CSA) and Customer Experience Management (CEM) programs.

g. Wireless Testing The mobile space is exploding with new technologies, driving demand for features-rich mobile handsets. Cost-effective, user-friendly wireless test equipment is a must for mobile network operators, and network device manufacturers.CERES provide robust testing and measurement solutions for wireless communications networks. We deliver the instruments that wireless network operators need to plan, implement, and optimize their networks. This tools deliver accurate results and provide full network visibility for monitoring and managing wireless network performance, service delivery, and growing wireless revenue streams.
h. Fibre Channel Testing Whether in laboratory, manufacturing, or R&D environment, CERES provide Fibre Channel testing products accelerate the deployment and development of Fibre Channel technology, as well as ensure trouble-free data delivery and solid integrity across Fibre Channel based networks



a. Hook-Up wire
b. Data Transmission Cable

1. Multicore/ Multi pair with PVC Shield
2. Category 5 with different AWG

c. Coaxial Cable

1. Coaxial Cables 50, 75, 93 Ohm
2. Broadcast Video Coaxial Cables

d. Telecommunication cable

1. RF Coaxial Cable 50 Ohm
2. Coaxial and Multi Coaxial Cable 75 Ohm
3. 100 / 120 Ohm Multipair Cables
4. Power Cables
5. PCM Cables

e. Optical cables

1. Tight Optical Fiber
2. Tight Monofiber Cable
3. Multifiber with Duplex and simplex cables


a. RF & Coaxial Connectors

1. 7-16 Series
2. 7mm Precision RF Connector
3. SHV
4. N Series
5. BNC
6. F & G Series
7. Miniature
8. SMC
9. Blind Mate 2.4/2.8/3.5
10. DIN 1.0/2.3
11. DIN 1.6/5.6
13. MMCX
14. OSMM
16. Termination
17. Adapter
18. Cable assemblies
19. & more……….

b. Power Connector

1. Cable Lug
2. Battery Connector
3. Circuit Breaker
4. and others………..

c. Fiber connector

1. Attenutor
2. Switches
3. Weblength Division multiplexer
4. LC/FC Connector
5. Patch cable
6. Cable assemblies
7. and related all connector and equipments.

d. Tools for power and Telecom product
We can source all type of Electric /Machanical tools as well as hand operated tools which is used for any telecom and electric works.

e. Special products:
We can arrange all type of related accessories and product for SIEMENS, ERICSON, ALCATEL and others.
Like: LMT Adapter/TEMS and others.