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CERES Network Solutions

Networking is another field in IT which is establishing its domain on the whole IT business. All IT personal as well as the corporate and individual consumes have reckoned its utility in their daily working field. Realizing this importance our company has already acknowledged the continence of the networking system in our country. We are providing total networking solution and customized software to our different clients.

Our solution includes pre-integrated vertical tailored platform solutions developed for specific segments of the communications market as well as individual protocol solution.

a. Home Networking

1. Networking Cables UTP/STP/SFTP
2. Routers and Gateways
3. Switches
4. Adapters
5. Powerline and CoaxEntertainment
6. VoIP, Skype
7. StorageAccess Points & Wireless Controllers
8. Print Servers
9. Accessories

b. Products for Business Networking

1. Switches
2. Adapters
3 VPN Firewalls and VPN Appliances
4 Storage
5. Access Points & Wireless Controllers
6. Print Servers
7. Accessories
8. Software

c. Products for Broadband Providers

1. Routers and Gateways
2. Adapters
3. Powerline and Coax
4. Entertainment
5. VoIP, Skype
6. Access Points & Wireless Controllers
7. Accessories